Custom Acrylic Template Pattern Cutting Service

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Custom Acrylic Template Pattern Cutting Service

Yes we are cutting mask templates for our customers.


Current rate for templates are $0.22 per square inch. Take your overall width times by your overall height and that will give your square inches of your template. (See additional photos)

Serious artisans know how important acrylic templates can be when it comes to crafting their wares. Our laser-cut acrylic templates give you the ability to take your designs to the next level. No more need to use homemade cardboard or paper templates. That means crisp and repeatable lines! Once you've experienced the difference that acrylic templates make, you'll never tackle another project without them.

What Can Acrylic Templates Be Used For?
Acrylic templates can be used to construct many goods that require repeatable precise cuts. Most high-quality quilts and leather apparel are the result of topnotch acrylic templates. Superior stencils for many different art projects are also made from acrylic.

The Benefits of Acrylic Templates
The most appealing upside of acrylic templates is their ability to deliver excellent final results. As such, they represent a great return on your investment by saving you time and money.

How Our Laser Cutting Process Works
We can take any digital vector-based model and convert it into a pattern. We can even take a hand-drawn design and digitize it with a program like Adobe Illustrator. Once we have a vector-based layout, it can be cut into an acrylic template.

After a client signs off on a design, we use our in-house laser cutter to cut it out on a sheet of acrylic. Our templates can measure up to 20" x 12" in size and up to 1/4" in thickness.

Why Choose Us for Your Template Needs?
We've been producing laser-cut goods since 2011 using the latest hardware. We guarantee the most accurate templates based on your custom designs that money can buy. Best off all, we can dropship your templates to any location at a moment's notice.

Please send us a message for a quick quote. The price is there as an average price our customers pay for us to create their acrylic templates.

Again, whether your template is hand drawn or digitally drawn, we will be able to cut it.