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CNC Routing Service

CNC Routing Service

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Custom CNC Routing Service

Please do not purchase this particular listing, contact us first, let us get a better idea about your project and then we will send you an invoice that you can either pay with PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. (Our payment gateway is through Shopify so they handle all of your card details)

Our 6 horsepower CNC router can fit a full 4x8 sheet of material and specializes in wood, MDF, ABS, ACM, HDPE, UHMW, and acrylic. We don't do metal at this time.


Due to tooling, we have a minimum inside diameter of an 1/8".

We can do both partial and full depth cuts.


Jigs, woodworking templates, coasters, bowls and trays, words and letters, personalized gifts, keychains , charcuterie boards, cutting boards, jewelry stands, forms, and assemblies are just some ideas that we have cut with our CNC router.


Filetypes: We use the following, Aspire Vcarve, Fusion360 and Adobe Illustrator.

Why Choose Us for Your CNC Routing Needs?
We've been producing CNC-cut goods since 2011 using the latest hardware. We guarantee the most accurate products based on your custom designs that money can buy. Best off all, we can dropship your order to any location at a moment's notice.

Make sure to include you shipping zip code so we can properly quote the shipping cost.










Up to 4 ft x 8 ft


Aspire VCarve


Adobe Illustrator



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