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We specialize in high quality 3D signage, custom laser cut and personalized items, art installations, barn quilts, acrylic templates and so much more.

  • Wooden Stars

  • Wooden Hexagons

CNC milling a custom product for a customer

Laser Cutting

Custom Built Laser Cutters


4x8 CNC router

2x4 Laser cutters

Bambu X1-Carbon 3D printer

Plasma Cutter

Cabinet saw

8" Jointer



I first got into the world of automation back on 2006. I was getting into LEDs, just got my license and was etching LED circiut boards to replace the incandecent dome lights of my car. Only issue, I was etching these circuit boards with acid. Parents didn't approve and with pets around, told me I must find a new technique.

I found a something called a CNC. It was a DIY build and had a working area of 7" square. I spent every dime I had, $700.

I etched circuit boards for a few forum members and it was claimed that I had made the brightest interior lights known to man. It was really overkill.

I got my first shop space shortly after highschool graduation. I took many manufacturing classes. I did away with the 7"x7" CNC and built myself a 2'x4' CNC.

I bought my first 3D printer back in 2010. It was a Thing-O-Matic and had a printing area of 4" cubed. Again, I spent all of my money that I had saved up for that thing. I still have the machine tucked away in storage.

2011, I got a job for a local automation distributor. I ended up being the tech there for many years. I designed and assembled CNC controller boxes(My favorite part), designed wiring diagrams and writing instructions, made modifications to machines for customers, and handled most of the tech questions and calls(my least favorite part).

I forced myself to learn Adobe Illustrator by designing the wiring diagrams. I was told to just use paint, but that's not acceptable in my professionalism. This jump started my knowledge of SVG's and vectors.

I bought my first laser cutter from there. It was a 12x20 cutter and I still use it to this day.

In addition, over those years I built many 3D printers, and at one point, had 5 all working at once. Somewhere along those years I had 17x20", 24"x24" CNC and 30"x30" Shapeoko CNC router.

Fast forward to 2020, I had already a couple years being self-employed selling die-cut stickers on Etsy and selling the majority of wood stars. I got my second shop that year and immediately built a bigger laser cutter. This time it was a 80w with a work area of 24"x 48". I built it for production work and designed a special drop down table with tray. I sold 100,000's of stars.

Today, I, since have built a duplicate production laser, upgraded both lasers to 100w tubes and now cut many additional shapes for the business.

Around this time, I had also built a 4x8 CNC router, complete with closed loop motors and a 6hp spindle. I am well versed in ripping through Baltic birch, MDF, HDPE and acrylic.


CNC Routing, Laser Engraving, Custom Acrylic Templates, 3D Printing, Die-cut Stickers are some of the services I can offer. Both local and nationwide.

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